StormTrooper Decanter w/SS Ice Cubes


This Decanter 25oz (750ml) BOTTLE has a creative Storm Trooper Helmet design. It is extremely cool for people who love fashionable products as when it is filled, it gives the curves and edges much more definition.

Made of high-quality clear borosilicate glass (eco-friendly) with heat-resistance quality. 5mm-thick glass is more durable, hard to break, and safe to use.

The reusable ice cubes are made of food-grade #304 stainless steel, which will keep your liquor cool for longer than other regular “whiskey stones”. More importantly, it’s more sanitary, durable and will not affect the original taste of your liquor.

This decanter can store more than just wine, whiskey, brandy, and other libations; you can also use the glass carafe to store fresh juices, water, mouthwash, and other thin liquids in a more sophisticated manner.

The decanter comes fully protected with Polyethylene Foam and packaged with a nice gift box. Surprise your friends with a fabulous gift for Christmas, weddings, birthdays or other holidays.