Red Air Boot Sneakers Shoe Neon


Our experienced neon sign benders have carefully crafted this wonderful neon sign. Perfect for 110v-240v in any countries. It comes with a US plug. If you need to use it elsewhere, add a power adaptor for it.

This beautiful red neon sign will bring the perfect amount of light to your home. The best offer to you! The sign is unique and 100% handmade made by seller with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Size: The longest side (the length) of the Acrylic Panel is about 14″, but the width is based on the Length/width rate of this sign in the image. For a square sign, the size is about 14″ x 14″. For a rectangle sign, the size might be 14″ x 8″,14″ x 5″ etc. It depends on the shape of the sign. Actual neon tube size is slightly smaller than acrylic panel size.