Magic Beer Fountain Faucet


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This floating faucet fountain is an easy-to-use mind-blowing trick. Just pour in a liquid of your choice in the magic faucet mug, plug it in, and watch how this beer tap gives a pouring illusion. It includes all the necessary wires to power the trick. The electronic faucet also has an on/off feature needed for the magic to be seamless. This beer fountain does not only give a great surprise to the eyes but also caters large amounts of drinks with its 11” size!

This Magic Beer set comes with a magic faucet and a magic beer mug that will give the illusion of tapping an endless keg of your favorite brew like magic!

This is a perfect for your dad’s bars, pool halls, and man caves where they serve copious amounts of beer.

100% money-back guarantee. Not satisfied with the Magic Beer Faucet Fountain? We’ll send you a quick replacement or issue a full refund.

Here are the reasons why you’ll love this Magic Beer Faucet Fountain:
– Each piece in printed box
– Plugs into a regular 110V wall socket
– Features On/Off switch
– Includes an A/C adapter and all other necessary cords
– Great gift for daddy
– Backed by a no-hassle money-back guarantee