Wooden Black Crescent Moon Shelf


Halloween is just around the corner, but this black moon shelf looks great all year round. Use it with skulls, candles, pumpkins, or spiders for a gothic look or with crystals and Wiccan supplies for a Boho Chic Vibe. This versatile crystal shelf can also be used in your home décor to accentuate your style in homes in any season. It is the perfect lunar aesthetic for the Bathroom, Bedroom, Dorm Room or Zen Den.

Let this floating shelf be the perfect altar for your sacred space and create a sense of order and Zen in your home. This is an ideal spiritual, housewarming, birthday, or Christmas gift with everything you need! If you’re into spooky, gothic, or creepy stuff, this is probably for you. You could use it to store your collection of crystals, stones, tarot cards, apothecary, pumpkins, skulls, or vampire Funko figurines. This piece can hold anything you want it to! The floating shelf is high-quality, sturdy, and fuss free, and can be hung straight out of the box.

If you’re not into spirituality and witchcraft, that’s cool. It’s design is sleek, black, and perfect for any room. Put your plants, candles, jewelry, nail polish, essential oils, makeup, or any other nick nacks on it!

It comes in small packages: 12.5″ high, 13.6″ wide and 3″ deep. Material: MDF.