The Vintage Nixie Clock


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This vintage clock is very different from other clock. It is handcrafted using new old stock tubes that are at least 30 years old, have never been used before, and come from the former Soviet Union. The tubes being used are brand new and they are rescued from a potential life of mass destruction to offer them a peaceful future. Nixie tubes are the ancestors of LEDs but much, much cooler.

Each clock casing takes over 30 hours to create and a lifetime to admire. So, there are no mass-produced, robot-made items here. This is made by using old school technology combined with an art deco style in a fine wooden enclosure. Then, it uses linseed oil to nourish and protect the wood.


  • You can increase and decrease the brightness of the Nixie Tubes if needed.
  • Color LED´s behind the Nixie tubes will help you set the clock, the alarm and will have decorative effects that you can disable if desired.
  • Display time on 12 or 24 hours format and use the alarm to wake you up with a vintage style.
  • Nixie Tubes are easily swappable using copper pins – To extend their lifespan, it has random number sequences and works below their operation point.
  • It works in the 5 continents and accepts 110/220V @ 50/60Hz – DC power adapter included


Aldrin, Armstrong, Collins, Watt