Large Metal Wall Clock



This large metal wall clock offers an opportunity to reinforce the design of your space, enhance wall decor and add functionality to your room. It is a stylish addition to a gallery wall. Its design is inspired from the shape of drops. Metal drops with shiny accents go well with most room decors. Black dial and design goes well with any wall color and decor.

The clock is silent Non-ticking, high quality quartz battery operated movement.

– Recommended for indoor use
– Requires one AA battery
– No assembly required
– Quality iron
– Modern style: sunburst wall clock
– Beautiful and elegant special design
– White Glass Dial Silent Non-ticking
– High quality quartz battery operated movement
– Dimension: round size 28”inch / clock face: 9”inch
– Offer one year protection for any problems with accessories

Instruction to Setup the Clock:
– Gently press hour hand onto shaft at 12:00 position.
– Place minute hand over shaft at 12:00 position
– Press on second hand at 12:00 position
– To be accurate make sure both the hour and minute hands are facing 12” before setting the time.

Sometimes the clock cause stop working during by the heavy transportation by the carrier from following reasons,
1.check the hands if stick one of the others.
2.check the hands if loose from hand shaft