Night Light Bunny Clock for Kids


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The bunny clock is born for energy saving as well as time display in a kids’ room. When it is not plugged in and in a quiet enough place, the screen will turn off to save battery. When sound is detected or the clock is touched, the screen will turn on immediately. The display is always on when the clock is plugged in. It is usually in the rest mode, and it will automatically turn on the screen when it detects a sound above 60dB.

It does not need to plug in all the time while working, because the alarm clock is powered by a battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. So, you can take it to vacation outdoors, the battery lasts for weeks once fully charged.

This Rabbit clock has two different alarm settings for working day and weekend day. It also has a snooze function, you can stop the ringtone by shaking the clock, it will continue to ring after five minutes, repeat 3 times then the alarm is off.

This cute Bunny clock could also work as a night light, and you could choose to set the light on 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or all night. As for the countdown function, when you cook, you can stick it on the refrigerator to count the time for you. (there is a magnetic sticker on the back of the clock).

The clock is perfect for kids since it is designed by using environment-friendly and safe silicone material, feels very soft. Perfect as a holiday or birthday gift for boys and girls.


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