Black Cat in Witch Boot


This little black cat sculpture is set to pounce out of the witch’s boot. Put it on your shelf for a bit of fun! The amazing details are hand-painted, and this piece of folk art is made with colorful paint.

This black little witch kitty is wearing her purple witch’s party hat and is made of a durable high quality Polystone. Maintaining her is a breeze because she can go outside or inside, and she can go into the garden, porch, or house.

This black kitten, sitting in the witch’s boot, stands at 7.0″L x 2.8″W x 10.0″H and is a perfect match for your Halloween collection. With this figurine, you can create a spooky atmosphere of horror as if these mystical black cats are watching you. Be sure to match this figurine with any other Halloween tabletop figurines to create the perfect Halloween festival for your home!