Frog Hand Soap Pump Dispenser


This Frog Hand Soap Pump has a stylish cute design both beautiful and practical, reusable and refillable dispenser pump. It is environmentally friendly, green, ideal and will help you reduce plastic pollution.

The cartoon design modeling is distinctive and beautiful to decorate your kitchen and bathroom, to infuse happiness, glamour and lovely for indoor adornment. Kids of all ages or any animal lover will love this cute look, kids will love washing their hands and keeping their hands clean.

Lovely frog soap and lotion dispenser, can be filled with a variety of shampoo, bath liquid, hand sanitizer, detergent, hair conditioner and so on. This dispenser is spirally sealed, effectively preventing liquid leakage. Press the lotion bottle to activate the pump from the soap dispenser with just a little pressure. The pump accurately distributes the soap in your hand.

This is suitable for all areas of the home with sinks: kitchen, bathroom, shower, restaurant, hotel, bedroom, baby nursery, etc.

– Made from high quality plastic
– Size: about 17 x 9 cm
– Capacity: 350 ml of soap/liquid.