10 Cute & Quirky Egg Cups for Easter Decoration

Perhaps, you want to decorate Easter eggs in special and innovative ways or to bring fun back to breakfast time with your family. These ten cute & quirky egg cups will surely serve such purposes and also make a good laugh and a starter conversation during your Easter festivity.

This cute little suit of armor for knighted eggs is the perfect Easter basket stuffer. He comes with a spoon ‘sword’ and protective helmet which keeps your egg warm until you’re ready to eat. This Arthur Armor egg cup will securely hold it upright so you can eat a hard-boiled egg or soft-boiled egg with minimal mess.

Boiling, storing and serving eggs have never been cooler with this long handle & heat resistant Egguins. Insert up to six eggs into the penguin’s tummies, place them into a boiling pot of water to make hard or soft boiled eggs, serve it on the table or store it in the fridge.

Getting your kids to have breakfast will also be an easier task with this fun pair of red and black Sumo Egg cups! They can start a little-but-tasty food fight and let the winner break it all! Two Sumo egg cups featuring a silicone mawashi (traditional belt worn by Sumo wrestlers) which is perfect for keeping little hands cool when holding.

This fun and quirky T-Rex egg cup lets you eat your egg out of a dinosaurs mouth. This fiercely fantastic design is ideal for those who are a fan of dinosaurs and love their eggs. Made of ceramic. Handwash only, not dishwasher safe.
Size: 3.5"/9cm H x 4"/10cm W x 3"7cm D

Let little unicorn-lovers enjoy eggs and add some magic to their egg breakfast, lunch or supper with this Unicorn egg cup plus toast cutter set. Handwash only, not microwave and dishwasher safe.

Your super-hero, Batman, from Gotham City is ready to serve you breakfast with an egg, a spoon, an egg topper and two slices of bat-inspired toast! This Batman egg cup is great for hard boiled eggs.

Add some character like a Marvel hero to your breakfast with this fun Spiderman egg cup, the perfect way to enjoy breakfast with one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe.
Plastic spoon & toast cutter are included. This egg cup is also great for comic fans.

Present a classic way to serve soft or hard boiled eggs with this Miss Nessie egg cup. So, you can start your day the mythical way. Miss Nessie is something of a wonder. She’ll hold your egg steady and always be ready. 100% Food Safe. BPA Free. Dishwasher Safe.

This whimsical Flamingo egg cup will look cute when displayed on a kitchen table and can serve a soft boiled egg. Dishwasher safe in top shelf. Material: Plastic; BPA free.

The egg cup in the shape of a Minion is the perfect addition to any breakfast table. The Minion has a movable G hammer to help you crack the egg shell. He also holds the egg spoon made of Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel in his hand so that you can enjoy your breakfast egg right away and makes sure the egg won't roll away as you spoon it out of the shell.

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