Whiskey Cigar Glasses – 2 Pk


This whiskey glass with cigar rest is perfect for both whiskey enthusiasts and cigar lovers. The glass is made of the finest, pure materials so it’s crystal clear, sparkly, and sturdy. It has an intended cigar rest that securely holds your cigar—no more slipping and falling. Your whiskey glass can now do double duty as a cigar holder.

This stylish whiskey glass is made of lead-free, gorgeous and lustrous glass. The transparency has an attractive shine that will look great with your drinks. This durable, thick-walled design will steadily keep the drink insulated for a longer period of time with its heavy weighted base. The hands with this glass are large enough to hold or sip on this glass so you can do it all with one hand.

If you’re looking for a gift for your father, brother, friend, or husband for Father’s Day, this whiskey glass is the perfect choice. Unique, nice, and thoughtful, this dish will make a great addition to any man’s home bar and also be a great conversation piece. Give the gift of whiskey and cigars!