Rose Gold Happy New Year Wreath


Your rose gold Happy New Year wreath is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home. Made of PVC material, this decorative wreath is easy to assemble. Your happy new year wreath is sized at 22.5 inches wide x 19 inches high. Hang outside on your door or inside on your desk at work for a festive twist. The single-sided print is waterproof and weather resistant, so it’s perfect for all seasons!

The assembly of our Rose Gold Happy New Year Wreath is simple and easy. Thread ribbon through the top piece and the base, pulling through to secure them together. Tie off the ribbons and hang your wreath on your door. The holes for you to tie the ribbon are pre-cut for your convenience! Our Rose Gold Happy New Years Wreath is professionally printed on sturdy PVC material with single-sided printing. They are inspected and carefully packaged by hand with coordinating ribbon.

To prevent your wreath from fading in the heat, do not display it in temperatures higher than 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Rose Gold Happy New Year Wreaths are designed and manufactured in the USA and use materials made in the USA. It does not use messy glitter.