Halloween Plasma Skull Ball Light


This Plasma Skull Ball Light is a perfect addition to your Halloween Home Decor. It makes your Halloween party more fun!

It features plug and switch on. Put your hands on this amazing ball and watch the ascertained lightning. The plasma light begins to give out colorful light and creates cool squirting formations following up with your moving.

The base produces high frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the gases to turn into plasma. If you touch the ball, the lightning bolts will combine into a strong beam and follow the movement of your finger. Clap hands to it and watch the pattern of the sound reflected in its striking pulsation.

Perfect for Halloween and Christmas gift. Kids will love seeing what happens when you touch it! You can also pretend to be a mad scientist with this ball!

This is also great for decoration for homes, parties, cafe, bars, restaurants, exhibitions and so on.

1. Avoid beating the glass ball with any hard articles or splashing water on the product.
2. Keep the product 50-80cm from any microelectronic facilities such as computer, fax and son on, to prevent any interference.
3. The adopter change AC 110V to DC 12V , it is safety, reliance and low consumption.
4. Electric Voltage: 110VAC-220VAC Total Power: 8W
5. The original plug is US standard. We will send the adapter depending on your country.