Paw Shaped Bath Area Mat/Rug


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This cute Paw Shaped Bath Mat is made of polyester fiber, full of fluffy and thick suede. It can absorb water quickly like a towel. Super absorbent, no water stain and extremely durable. It is quick to dry. It dries feet pass, leaving no traces of water.

The mat uses a lock Fiber technology. The edge is firmly locked to solve the problem of fluff flying. At the same time, the back of the hot-melt rubber bottom, can effectively cling to the ground, foot is not easy to deviate, effective anti-skid, protect the safety of you and your family.

It is comfortable (comparable to the touch of cotton) and has a beautiful appearance. You can use this mat as a decorative mat to prevent scratching the flooring or you can place it at many occasions, such as: dust removal in the porch, water absorption in the bathroom, warmth in the bedroom, anti pollution in the kitchen, etc.

The mat is machine washable and hand washable.


Brown, Grey