Octopus Martini Cocktail Glass


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Octopus Martini Glasses are a must for a classy, yet fun cocktail event. They come in many sizes to suit your needs, but the biggest size is the 8.5 oz size. There are two transparent options: a huge 2-transparent-pack of Octopus Martini Glasses or a huge one-transparent pack. Both are A+ level products and have no bubbles or cracks.

Capacity: Ordinary style 120ml=4 oz, huge style 250ml=8.6oz; the pink color only have 135ml=4.6oz

Usage: You can use this glass for anything from a cocktail to a brandy. Material: Crystal Glass;

Storage Method: This is a crystal wine glass. When not in use, you can store it upside down on the tray to avoid any scratches on the bottom of the glass.


2 Transparent, Huge 2 Transparent, Huge one transparent, Pink, Transparent