Lips Ceramic Cigarette Ashtray


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The ashtray is not just for storing your cigarette butts and ashes. It can also be used to store soaps, sponges, candies or lipsticks. This unique design make it convenient with two grooves on the sides for you to hang cigarettes when resting hands. Made of ceramic in glaze-smooth and glossy-the lip ashtray is extremely durable like any other good quality product that’s deep enough to keep ashes inside which makes cleaning easier! With aesthetic curve and unique design, this decorative object will definitely stand out among thousands of its counterparts because unlike most ordinary products it has something worth mentioning about its appearance; creativity combined together with practicality. The applications are endless like using at home (whether office or bedroom), bars/restaurants/hotels as well as outdoor entertaining activities such as camping trips etc. while being a fantasy gift idea especially if given by boyfriends towards their girlfriends’ family members – fathers’, mothers’; brothers’, sisters” friends” coworkers”.


‎1 Count (Pack of 1)


Pink, ‎Purple, Transparent, Wine Red