Vintage Green Sea Turtle Painting


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This painting describes a turtle mother with her children playing on the beach. This art consists of two parts, teal turtles and vintage wood-grain texture which replaces white sand beach. Look again carefully. In the turtles shell, there is a beautiful ocean world with vitality. Two starfishes nestled together on the sand. Above them, shy fish are hiding in the dark turquoise area. The paintings is full of modern element and ancient colors.

The back of the painting is both nailed and sealed with white masking tape. It is also stretched by hand to perfection so the corners are perfectly folded and tucked. Each panel has a metal hook already mounted on the wooden bar and has a sturdy canvas frame (1.2’’ thick wood bars) which is not easy to deformation.

Package includes screws. If you can’t put the obvious holes on the wall, hang them with the push pins or nails.

* Subject: Turtle
* Material: Wood, Canvas
* Package: Carton
* Color: White, Turquoise
* Dimensions: 16×24 inch
* Framed: Yes
* Number of Pieces: 1

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