Electric Gun Wine Opener


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This fully rechargeable wine opener will charge in 12 hours and can uncork 30 bottles before needing to be recharged. It’s the perfect gift for wine lovers, especially if you’re trigger happy. The charging base includes power supply and is included in the purchase.

If you’ve run into a wine-bottle problem, don’t fret. Wine guns are here to save the day. To open a bottle of wine using a wine gun, simply place the nozzle on top of the wine bottle and pull the trigger until it turns off. This means that the cork has been removed fully. If you want to remove the cork from the bottle, push the trigger forward.

No more physical labor! The perfect tool for any wine aficionado is this nifty wine opener. All necessary components are included, including a foil cutter and a wall charger.

Full 12 month guarantee against manufacturer defects.


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