Seashell & Cube Wax Candles


These candles are perfect for your home or party. The package includes 2 pieces of pink and yellow shell candles and 2 pieces of pink and blue cube candles, giving you enough for any occasion. They come with beautiful colors, delicate designs, and a good weight. They’re made of paraffin wax with essential oils and natural wicks, making them light in weight and long lasting. When you work all day, you can light one to relieve stress and relax the mind.

These beautiful decorative aromatherapy candles can give off a wonderful, relaxing floral scent. You’ll feel like you’re walking in a sea of flowers, which will help you relax and calm down, and relieve fatigue. The simple design is easy to fit into your home decor, and the small size makes it a perfect addition to any room.

They come in different sizes-the seashell is 7 x 9 cm or 2.7 x 3.5 inch and the bubble candle is 6.5 cm/ 2.6 inch; so it’s easy to find one that fits your home’s design. They’re perfect for any room, and they’ll make your space look beautiful.

These scented candles are perfect for sprucing up any room in your house, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, or even at a wedding. They’re also great as gifts for friends of family members on special occasions like birthdays or the winter holidays.