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WINCHY Book Light for Reading



reading light is an excellent gift for cat lovers or children, birthday gifts for girls and boys, or anyone who needs a light for bedtime reading. With its cute cat pattern, WINCHY also acts as a bookmark, which means it’s right there when you need it next. It’s thin enough to fit in your hand or book bag, making it the perfect present or accessory to carry with you anywhere.

is the newest book light to hit the market. It has the latest technology that lets it last over 70 hours on one battery. WINCHY also comes with two batteries for replacement. The bookmark book light can be used as both a bookmark and reading light. Clip it to your book and turn it on. You can clip it to several pages at once or the back cover of your book. And this versatile light can attach to books of different sizes.

book light is only 0.84 oz, lighter than your average paperback. It weighs less than an ounce but still provides an amazing amount of light for reading. Its flexible neck is fully adjustable, so you can adjust the right position of lighting for your needs; it’s great for travel, camping, and bedtime reading. The soft rubber material enables you to bend the reading light into whatever shape you like, so you can get just the right light for your needs.

If you love to read at night, but can’t do so without disturbing your partner or kids, this light is for you. As the name implies, the soft light helps you enjoy reading without straining your eyes or bothering others. The book light won’t light up the whole room, which means you can read in bed, on the couch, or before bed-time stories for your kids. It’s a perfect Christmas and Birthday gift for children, students, or parents.


3pcs, Blue, ‎Orange