Astronaut Night Lights with Vase



Vintage style glass vase design crafted from good quality materials. The resin astronaut, hydroponic container is an elegant addition to table decoration. You can choose this for home decoration or as a storage jar in the office or at bars – it’s multifunctional! With LED lights under the glass vessel which are activated when warm light is on, water and plants will be illuminated with warm soft lighting that will bring you a special visual experience.

The hydroponic container itself is an elegant addition to the table or as a small ornament jar for jewelry storage. It can be used as a centerpiece in your home, bedroom, shopping mall or wedding banquet hall. With LED lights under the glass vase it doubles up not only being useful but also being creative and adorable!

This transparent glass vase is perfect for water plants, flowers and lightweight or succulent plants. Just put one of these on your desk at work, in the living room or any other place that needs a little life-giving warmth! The spaceman vase requires button batteries and doesn’t require wiring; it can be turned off with an ON/OFF button on the bottom. It’s easy to operate as well as quite versatile.