Hanging Grim Reaper Skull w/Chains


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Select Animated Hanging Grim Reaper Skull for Best Halloween Decoration Prop! This animated Grim Reaper Skull is 60″ tall with a long black flowing robe which floats eerily in the breeze; and has red led light eyes that light up.

The Reaper Skull can give off sounds of haunting, bone chilling screeches and pleas and moves its hands in a sinister, ghostly manner! Its Jaw can be adjusted — closed or opened with the appearance of ghastly laughter!

Sound and Movement Activated by Pressing On/Off Button. Batteries Included.

Great for greeting Trick-Or-Treaters, or visitors to your haunted house! Hang from a tree, on your porch, or in your living room!

This can be scary Halloween decoration props for that perfect Halloween setup!